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2nd Opinion On A 1st Impression

You decide for whatever reason that at this point in your life, it’s time to sell your home. You call your favorite Realtor and have them come over for a chat. Together, you establish a price of your home that you can both agree upon, the Realtor than makes some suggestions on how to improve and present your home, which you fiercely resist and finally your home gets listed for sale. Now, you hope for the best outcome. You hope the buyers will come. You hope people will like your home. You hope you will get a reasonable offer. You hope…

Unfortunately, hope is not an effective strategy. Chances are that most of the suggestions your Realtor made about making improvements to your home were indeed legit, but you as the homeowner may not have viewed them the same way your Realtor did. Why is that?

The short answer is emotional reaction, but there is far more here to consider. You have lived in this home for years. Your life, your memories, your happy and your sad moments are all tied to this space you have called home all these years. In fact, your entire life for as long as you lived here is emotionally tied to it. Your home has been your pride and joy and any suggestion, even the slightest bit that it may not appeal to many people might be perceived by you as darn right offensive. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to have a stranger come into your home and suggest that you need to make changes before you list it for sale. 

The fact is that it’s almost impossible to have an objective opinion about something that belongs to you. It does often take the keen eye of a professional to spot the imperfections and shortcomings of a particular home. Realtors are experts at the buying and selling process of properties. Each one of them have seen countless interiors and they fully understand the difference between home that will appeal to the masses versus a home that has an individual’s distinct touch but may not appeal to many potential buyers. However, Realtors are not interior decorating experts and therefore their advice may be well intended, but it might not hold the right answers. Who do you turn to for answers?

Hire A Home Stager To Help 

Consider hiring a reputable home stager. They are trained specifically in rearranging the furniture inside a home to make each room inside feel spacious and functional. They often add custom décor to make each room look elegant and stylish. A home stager is a real expert on making your home appeal to the masses. Unlike hiring a renovation company, you won’t have to rely on a second mortgage to be able to afford staging services. They can do a lot for the interior of a home without breaking the bank.

If you are considering selling your home in the near future, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Along with home staging, we also offer professional organizing and cleaning services, so you can be sure no details get missed before your home is listed. Until next time…

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